The European tested series

When you tattoo in color, you have a full range to choose from.
Why not have the same options when tattooing in black and grey?
Make monochromatic tattoos a thing of the past…
Silverback Ink® can make your tattoos more dynamic & add
consistency to your tattooing!

Forget dipping in water or another liquid to make different tones
of grey wash. No more guessing… Is it too light? Too dark? Just right?
The Grey Wash Series from Silverback Ink® are pre-mixed for you!!!

Silverback Ink® goes in to the skin smooth, fast and even.
This is tattoo ink… Not a pigment. Mixes well with colors and easy to use.

Formulated & produced by a professional tattoo artist with 19+ years in
the business.
Imported to Europe by B&G Amsterdam BV (see name on label) and
being gamma sterilized (educated process) in the Netherlands.

The XXX Black & Grey Wash Series™,  DARK Grey Wash Series™,
Insta Black™, 10 shades Insta grey wash series™, Stupid Black™,
White / Clear by Silverback Ink® were developed to meet or exceed
the EU tattoo ink regulations – see the tests reports on the site.

All of the ingredients used in Silverback Ink® are of the highest
quality and are precisely measured for accuracy and consistency.